Occupational Therapy plays a major role in the rehabilitation and recovery of patients who have hand or upper extremity injuries.

They work closely with Hand Surgeon/Orthopedic Surgeons, and patients employers or case managers in providing the best client centered rehabilitation program. Occupational Therapist who specialize in hand therapy treat conditions ranging from soft tissue injuries such as Tennis Elbow, flexor/extensor tendon lacerations and nerve neuropathies such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. An array of upper limb assessment techniques are utilized to provide a treatment plan that is effective and appropriate. Treatment modalities, manual techniques, orthosis/splints, and education are some of the common treatment tools that an occupational therapist will use during treatment. Hand Therapy is a specialized field of occupational therapy that is pursued by the OT after obtaining their academic degree. It requires therapist with years of experience to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in upper limb anatomy to be able to work with patients returning their full functionality.


Laura Visanko,


I obtained my Masters of Occupational Therapy from Texas Woman’s University.  My entire O.T. career has been dedicated to hand therapy. I have provided quality hand care to this community for 20 plus years. I look forward
to continuing this service with LCCR.


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