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Las Cruces Rehabilitation

Have been going to physical therapy there since Sept and they have done more for my health in months than anyone has in the last year their people are professional well trained courteous. They always treated me like Family. I came all the way from Alamogordo and they are definitely worth the drive just wanted to say thanks for all you guys have done I am now walking without my cane you are the Best.
Robert Moreno
If I could I'd give them 10 stars! All the therapists are so awesome, and their interaction both ,with their peers as well as clients is so loving, but very professional. And their knowledge of physical therapy is beyond reproach.
Raymond Martinez
Laura Visenko is extremely knowledgable about all aspects of hand therapy. Because of her education, knowledge and extensive experience, she has provided me with expert professional care. During the first session, she did a comprehensive assessment and throughout the treatment she measured my progress against the original assessment and the goals that she set up. I wouldn't go any place else for therapy for my wrist.
Susan Michelson
By far they have provided my wife with the best care and treament for her lypho Delia in a 100 mile radius. The therapist did more than the other clinic we have been to in past 2 years. Thank you.
John Mckeel
Great place to get you all fixed up
and feeling like new!!
Claudia Reyes
Great therapists! Helped me out so
much I decided to work here!
Matteo Silva
Everytime I come to therapy I feel like I’m i’m at a second home, friendly staff and always greeted and treated nice.
Dom Martinez
I've gone to Las Cruces Comprehensive Rehabilitation for a while now and it has been an unbelievably positive experience. Under the direction of Sam Munoz, I have gained strength and endurance which has been a great encouragement to me. Sam AND the therapists he directs are compassionate, caring, and very attentive to each patient, no matter what degree of therapy they are needing. There is much monitoring, measuring and evaluating of each individual, all with unique needs. Sam and his team never "miss a beat". "Comprehensive" is not just part of the business name, but it's practiced with each patient. I've experienced on occasion, slight changes in some way to accommodate a particularly physically challenging day, that I may be having. He'll vary the day's routine for me slightly which still maximizes the results and that is outstanding. One thing I have noticed as a result of the therapy I've been receiving, is that while I still have appointments with all my medical providers, and used to go with a laundry list of concerns, I now have fewer items to discuss. And this is as a result of the therapy I've received here at Las Cruces Comprehensive. I came here with diaphragm issues and Sam and his team have helped me manage and realize some improvements. Keep up the great work Sam and your team. It's a wonderful experience to be part of your program.
Dean Zylich
I am a participant in Pulmonary Rehab, with Pulmonary/Heart . Working with Sam, Julian and often Andrew is a highlight of my week! Sam is the best encourager, without being pushy. I appreciate the Rehab teams knowledge and caring attitudes.
Carolyn Day
I am a patient in the pulmonary rehab area and am extremely satisfied with my treatment. The therapists, Sam and Julian, are very knowledgeable about the human body and are a pleasure to work with. They are attentive to proper performance of the exercises and make sure they are done correctly and safely. While some of the exercises are difficult with my ncondition, I always look forward to my sessions because I feel they have had positive results with my condition.
Roger Meyer
I am a patient at the facility, and visit the pulmonary section three times a week. The staff have always been professional and helpful. Sam and his staff have been instrumental in providing continued attention to my condition. I have COPD from smoking for 35 years, which I definitely regret. I would definitely recommend the Las Cruces Comprehensive Rehab to anyone searching for a professional setting.
Cathy Waters
1 have never had such a good therapist as Sam Munoz,he is very knowledge, compassionate and kind and really look forward to coming to therapy, also feel am getting stronger also Julian Mata, and Andrew are also very good,especially have found the breathing exercises very helpful,all 3 of them are so positive and encouraging and very courteous.
Going to pulmonary rehab after covid has been very helpful. Sam’s been great to work with.
John Bilovesky
In my previous feedback, I neglected to also mention Julian and Andrew who while I didn’t mention them, are very much a part of my continued respiratory therapy. They have provided professional assistance to those whom I mentioned in my previous feedback. Thank you guys for being so much a part of my continued therapy.
Cathy Waters
Do to numerous surgeries, I have been to many rehab centers, and have had many physical therapists. I can’t say enough good things about Las Cruces Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center. I had the honor of working with Maricela, who not only guided me through my therapy, but also took the time to explain how my body would react to various stretches and exercises. I would highly recommend this establishment.
Donna Goggin
I have great experience with Sam & Julian. They are patient, pleasant, encouraging. Two thumbs up.
Tzuchin Lam
Sam is awesome!!! I suffer from a rare form of migraine and he supports and takes care of me when I suffer one while doing pulmonary rehabilitation. The facility is great and very clean. Sam always encourages you to do your best, but understands when you have bad days.
Viola Wilson
At the start of this ordeal, Sam, my physical therapist, was the only member of the medical establishment that believed I could overcome my scared lungs. All my other healthcare providers believed I would always have a breathing tube. Now, several of them are of the opinion that I might beat the odds and loose my breathing tube. But, when this ordeal first started, Sam was like the coach of the boxer that goes into the current champions’ home town and fights him in front of thousands of opposing fans. He was the only one in my corner. I am still in the fight and have not yet lost my oxygen tube, but Sam (and now several others) believe I can win and loose the tube.
Thomas Taney
I appreciate my team that helped me out for my physical therapy as well as my swim therapist Trish. I am recovering from total knee replacement and had problems with my back posture. This is an excellent team that improved my experience post knee recovery. I am truly blessed to have had this team of expertise that helped me.
Jeff Roach
Tiffany and Marcela are very professional. They do a great job.
Santiago Estrada
Michael Alba and I Amber Alba both did physical therapy for months. Michael went in after I went AMA at ltac rehabilitation center, because they were supposed to get him up and going within 3 days, and after two weeks they did nothing but leave him in bed. PT there was not coming and doing anything with him. Michael layed in bed and did calf raises to get his legs strong enough on his own so, he could stand, and eventually got himself to be able to walk. Once I knew he could walk enough to get him home where he could help me some I called Las Cruces Rehabilitation Center and got him right in. Within 2 weeks working with Sam on pulmonary PT, Michael became more and more stable. Without him going to this rehabilitation center his lungs would not be in the shape they are, and I do not believe he would of gained back the muscle that he did. All of Michael’s muscles atrophied and he was very very weak. Sam pushed him hard and Las Cruces Comprehensive rehab knew exactly what to do to make sure he was safe while doing his exercises, put great motivation to push harder, and had a positive outlook on his life of making it, getting stronger, and never thinking there was no hope unlike all medical staff at the hospital and the other rehab center. I also did therapy for my back and my elbow, which I thought I broke. I did PT on my elbow, which the x-ray showed there was no fracture or any problem, but Laura diagnosed me as having my ulnar nerve agravated. Doing my workouts she instructed me to do has completely healed my pain in my elbow, and it was unbearable to where i couldn’t lift, or even twist the front door open. I also did PT in the aquatic center for my spine that was so nice and relaxing, but also was a workout that helped stretch my spine and help me get stronger so, I would have less pain throught my days. Michael and I are beyond grateful for what Las Cruces Comprehensive rehabilitation has done for our life’s. We will always refer anyone we know to them. Not only is the staff good at their jobs, but they’re like family to you. Each and everyone of their patients are given the most prestine services, and each one of us matter to all staff on our outcome from their facility. Michael and I would like to thank you all so much for helping us, but most of all for help saving Michael’s life and getting him strong enough to return to work. Words are not enough to show our gratitude. You all rock!! Please have no doubt about using Las Cruces Comprehensive Rehabilitation for yourself, you will not regret one moment. With all our love,
Michael and Amber Alba
Extremely Satisfied!
David Cox
I am so grateful to Sam and his crew at pulmonary rehab. In 2 months I have made so much progress and feel so much better. When I started I had to consciously make myself walk very slow to not get short of breath and have to stop. Now I can walk at my normal quick pace and not get short of breath. And before if I would lay down my O2 sat would drop to 88 and lower immediately. Now I can lay down and maintain 94%. I am feeling so much better and able to get more done than I was.
Louise Jenkins
I live by myself and came home from the hospital the day of my new new surgical whole knee replacement. I signed up for home care nurses and a physical therapist from Las Cruces Comprehensive. That decision proved to be very helpful that first 3-5 days out from surgery. I had a problem with heavy swelling and fluids leaking outside and around a very small diameter tubing inserted through my skin to an external pump that fed liquid pain killers into the joint. One of the nurses (Corinne) came out to my home on the weekend and tended to my situation by cleaning the tubing insertion point and applying pressure to the leak with an applied gauze and bandage followed up with an Ace bandage wrap. She also rigged up a means to elevate my knee to reduce swelling. I was much relieved and so grateful to her. Thank you Corinne!
Mark Weems
Sam and his staff are awesome I would recommend anybody to come and see them. Sam will always greet you at the door with a huge smile.
Ricardo Adame
I had aqua therapy for my hip and got significant relief. Ultimately I had to have a hip replacement. Had home PT for two weeks, then went to the center again. Got great results from my therapy. All the therapists are very knowledgeable and very personable!!!
Sally Rubino
I had a full knee replacement in February. LCCR provided about two weeks of in-home therapy which went well and helped me start recovering. Then I had 36 sessions at their facility, which went very well and was a good experience. Everyone I dealt with knew what they were doing and worked hard to help me get better. Thank you Ania, Camron, Roman, Bryan, Tiffany, Maggie, Maricela, Karen, Jose, and Natasha.
Scott Gardenhire
I had by right knee replaced on April 23, 2022 and I am very pleased with the treatments provided by my assigned physical therapist, Cameron, who has always been attentive of my feedback and has helped me progress very well after seven weeks from my surgery. He also, has helped me with other parts of my body that we affecting my knee recovery. I am very impressed with his overall knowledge and wisdom pertaining to physical therapy. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for the great help, Cameron. As for the facility and other personnel, I am very pleased with how professional and how cooperative they are. Thank you to all.
Mark Weems
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